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Solar Power and Its Many Uses

With the talk of global warming and the need for alternative energy sources you might hear that term is solar power mentioned on the news cast or in the newspapers. What exactly is solar power? Solar power is energy directly from the sun. The sun's energy is responsible for supporting life on Earth and it also creates the winds and weather conditions on our planet.

Solar power can be attributed to creating wind. When that wind is harnessed by wind turbines, it creates analytical energy. Ancient cultures, a long time ago, collected solar power by having windows or doors that faced the sun. The sun would come in through these openings and warm the interior of the home. Homes were also built to protect against the wind. The least used part of the house was always facing north.

Solar power and solar energy is basically the same thing. It's the conversion of sunlight into electricity which is then used in our homes. Solar power can be used directly by using the photovoltaic effect or by heating some kind of fluid in a generator. When the sun heats the liquid, the steam rises, turning the turbines of the generator. This produces electricity which is used in homes, automobiles, and industry needs.

Particles in the atmosphere, such as dust and other air pollutants, reflect the sun away from the Earth. These damaging particles can reduce the amount of sun reaching the Earth which can cause troubles with plant and animal life. Clouds also reflect and absorb some of these solar energy. Once again, solar energy is prevented from reaching the Earth, for warm or any other use.

Many technologies have been invented to trap solar energy and solar power. These technologies are utilized in agriculture, city planning, solar lighting, water heating, cooking, and most importantly heating homes and other buildings. These uses reduce the need for fossil fuel energy resources such as coal, gas, propane, and oil. By increasing the use of solar power technology, the world will significantly reduces its need and use of fossil fuels. The Earth would then have a cleaner environment because there would be less fuel emissions and factory pollution, Thus, drastically reducing the amount of air pollutants within the atmosphere.

With rising gas prices, the automobile industry is racing to find alternative ways to fuel cars. The hybrid is the most popular car that is being built today. The hybrid combines generated electricity to run an electric motor from a gasoline motor. However popular, this design has a negative and that is that is that hybrids still use gasoline. An ideal car would have the electricity generated from the sun and have a backup electric cell battery for cloudy day.

This text will explore the uses of solar power and how these technologies might change the way that you travel, heat your home, and go about your daily lives. Solar power is not going away and is one of the biggest sources of unharnessed energy that there is on the Earth. Any machine that has an electric motor can be powered by solar power. It just takes innovation, dedication, and money to bring these technologies around for full-time public use. In advertising the use of solar energy, an entire community converted to solar power receives the benefit of clean running energy that reduces cost while providing a cleaner environment. At this point, solar power equipment is expensive and it takes a few years before consumers recover the initial cost of lower energy bills.


How Can You Use Solar Power for Daily Living

When one thinks about solar power and solar power equipment, the image of huge solar panels on top of the roof of a house or building usually comes in mind. Solar power has many uses beyond those of producing electricity for houses or for automobiles. Even small electrical devices can be powered by solar energy in lieu of a battery or any outlet plug-in. Devices such as cell phones, GPS units, and laptops can be solar powered. All you need is the right connectors, the right amperage and voltage of the device and a battery to store the energy solar panels collect.

You can modify and customize your solar panels and battery device to collect any amount of energy you wish up to the threshold. After the threshold, or when the battery is full, the solar energy is just being reflected from the solar panels. The battery should be compatible with the device you want to use it for. For smaller devices you need a smaller area with less voltage or with a different lot rating. How many times have you been out fishing or camping and your cell phone battery goes out?

Most people carry cell phone adapters for their cars so that they may recharge the battery in their automobile. This is fine if the engine is on or the engine has been used to charge the battery in the vehicle. But running the engine is a cause of pollutants and other toxic materials which you are releasing out into the environment just by charging up your cell phone.

By having a cell phone solar powered battery charger, you are able to take your cell phone outside and leave the solar panels out in the sun. You can even do this inside on a windowsill that is directly influenced by the sun. You don't have to worry about where to plug in your charger, you just have to worry about where the sun is and how long the solar panel needs to stay out to charge a battery. It is convenient and easy-to-use, although a little expensive.

People who work outside use all kinds of electrical equipment. From laptops to survey equipment and even for lighting, solar power can play an important role in reducing the needs for generators and batteries. If you are working at a remote site and you need power immediately, simply send out your solar panels to collect the sun's rays to produce the power that you need. Again, with this type of equipment, each solar panel needs to be equipped with the proper generator or charger that will produce electricity to either charger batteries in your device or to directly run the device.

So next time you're in your electronics store or planning a shopping trip or vacation, think about the uses of solar power and those endeavors. What device do you really want to use and how can you use solar power to have that device readily available when you need it? Solar power can operate pretty much anything you use, but you need to have the right number of solar cells and the right equipment to charge the device.

As technology advances and the demand for solar powered equipment increases, prices should go down and the technology should be accelerated. Right now only 1% of all houses in the United States are powered by solar energy. If we think outside the box and go beyond the house there is an entire world of devices that can be powered by the sun. All it takes is a little imagination and a little research and someday soon we will be out of the grips of fossil fuels and nonrenewable energy.



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